GIOI is the new brand of luxury craftsmanship that comes from the consolidated experience of the well-known Zanetto artistic laboratory, a leader in the manufacture of noble metals for the table and decor.

Not only experience behind this project, but also a lot of creativity and a great desire to intrigue the new generations through a new lexicon capable of transmitting the high values of craftsmanship.

Gioi presents the Barock collection 2020

GIOI wants to combine two worlds: the rigorous one, of the meticulous search for the best materials and the most sophisticated manufacturing techniques with the most fluid one of fashions, trends and fun. The latter constantly evolving, constantly changing.

“I imagine GIOI as a playground for creatives. A dimension in which everything is legitimate, in which creativity challenges the centenary savoir-faire of our artisans to interpret modernity. Fun is the prerogative of this project.” Enrico Zanetto, CEO

The Barock collection

The most eclectic bar accessories ever.
The Barock interprets a world in movement.
The Mobile bar does not move with simple wheels but is driven by a refined and precious pallet truck, inspired by the world of mechanics, as well as the rest of the pieces in the collection.

The mechanic is not a random choice, he is the figure who through his skills repairs and realizes everything that keeps the world moving.

GIOI will never stop, it will be a moving brand animated by multiple personalities