Bar cabinet in marble…



Bar cabinet in marble and copper

Where all your barware must be kept.

Handmade and shipped in 6 - 8 weeks




The price of the Barock cabinet does not include the internal products. This cabinet is entirely handmade in Italy and customizable, contact us for choosing between the marbles and metals available, starting from € 19.550.

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A conceptual approach creating an iconic, practical & innovative bar cabinet.

This exquisite white marble cabinet has a support in copper with wheels inspired by the pallet trucks of the mechanic.

Entirely handmade in Italy, this luxury bar cabinet is thought to store and display the Barock collection.

The Mobile bar does not move with simple wheels but is driven by a refined and precious pallet truck made by Zanetto, inspired by the world of mechanics, as well as the rest of the pieces in the collection.

The mechanic is not a random choice, he is the figure who through his skills repairs and realizes everything that keeps the world moving.


Additional information

Dimensions (cm)

96 x 45 | H 99


This is a made to order product, that allows you to purchase the cabinet customized to your specifications. Our manufacturing process will begins only after your confirmation of the order is received.

In this case you can return the purchased product to our shop only if it presents operating or manufacturing defects.

Shipping Fees

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Samer Alameen is an eclectic Lebanese designer who decides to move to Italy due to his love with Made in Italy, of which he becomes an exponent. “A chair has changed my life” His debut as a designer takes place in Lebanon with the launch of his first collection Walking Objects, inspired by the Khayzaran chair. Recreated in steel to give it greater value and resistance, his chair has entered the history of Lebanese design. Once in Italy, entranced by the beauty and elegance of Italian craftsmanship and the vast opportunity to choose natural materials for his creations -primarily marble.

For over 56 years Zanetto has been producing unique and precious home decor and tableware items by hand, with the aim of preserving the history, savoir-faire and fascinating techniques of metal processing.

Zanetto believes that only manual work can guarantee the highest quality standards and make each object truly unique, like a work of art.

Zanetto is a made in Italy luxury craftsmanship laboratory that is based on respect for man, for metals, for work and for the environment.